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A Paradise
Called Texas

Janice Jordan Shefelman

Introduction to Online Edition

A Paradise Called Texas is the story of young Mina, who immigrated with her parents from Germany in 1845--the year that the Republic of Texas became a state of the United States.

The book is based on the author's research of her own ancestry, and begins in a small farming village in Germany. After devoting the first several chapters to life in the German fatherland, the author turns to the long voyage to Texas.

At first, Mina's experiences upon her arrival in Texas seemed far from the paradise that she had expected. However, after enduring tragedy, hardship and adventure, Mina and her father settled happily in the emerging village of Fredericksburg.

A Paradise Called Texas was first published in 1983. It is one of the most popular of over 150 books published by Eakin Press for young readers. The book is often read both at home and in the classroom, and was a nominee for the Texas Bluebonnet award. It is recommended for (approximate) grade level 5.

A short list of German words are used in the text, and are defined in a Glossary following Chapter 20 at the end of the book. We hope that you enjoy the on-line version.

Lone Star Junction wishes to thank Ed Eakin of Eakin Press for granting permission to present this on-line version of A Paradise Called Texas. Printed copies of the book are available from the publisher, in both hardback and paperback editions, at the Eakin Press website.

Beginning of Original Text


Author's Note

Chapter 1 -- A Stranger in the Village

Chapter 2 -- A Decision

Chapter 3 -- Last Days in Germany

Chapter 4 -- The Storm

Chapter 5 -- The Long Passage

Chapter 6 -- Texas at Last

Chapter 7 -- A Lonely Coast

Chapter 8 -- Christmas on the Beach

Chapter 9 -- Mama Is Gone

Chapter 10 -- A Wagon and Oxen

Chapter 11 -- Better Days Will Come

Chapter 12 -- In Good Hands

Chapter 13 -- Night Visitor

Chapter 14 -- A Birthday Gift

Chapter 15 -- Onto Fredericksburg

Chapter 16 -- The Cabin

Chapter 17 -- While Papa Is Away

Chapter 18 -- A Dream

Chapter 19 -- Lisette and the Shaman

Chapter 20 -- Indian Medicine

Glossary of German Words

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