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Tips on Viewing Panoramic Images

Navigating 360-degree panoramic images is very easy once you've tried it a few times. Just refer to the diagram and follow these steps:

    navigation guide
  1. "Mouse-over" the image (your mouse icon will change as indicated in the diagram at right).
  2. To Pan: When the "hand" icon appears, left-click then drag in the desired direction. Note: the further the icon is dragged from the center of the image, the faster the image will pan.
  3. To Zoom: mouse-over the center of the image until the magnifier icon appears. Left-click on the icon with the "+" to zoom in (or on the icon with the "-" to zoom out).

To return instantly to the initial view, press the right mouse button at any time.

The image window can also be resized in the same manner as other Windows applications. Just click and drag the lower right border of the image.

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